Monday, September 15, 2014

What do we do about the NSA ?

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What do we Do about the NSA ?

NSA , intercepting traffic on sub sea cables and recording that traffic.

NSA , intecepting phone calls inside of america , claiming they only listen in on meta data .

NSA , repeatedly lying to their own senate, and getting caught.

NSA , sharing information with the FBI , so they can "create parrallel lines of investigation" to convict (read that "Frame" ) drug dealers, their right to defend themselves and face their accusers effectively revoked by divine fiat (oops... presidential fiat , I meant to say)
   Hmm... do I really want to get into the part where we're defending drug dealers ? Isn't that Ichy ? do we know they're drug dealers ... because they were convicted ... Oh right ... they were framed, the conviction is a fantasy of the FBI's "perfect case" that doesn't require a shred of real evidence, becuase the 'real evidence' is actually highly illegal to bring into a court so they just made stuff up.
   Rather like convicting me because you know where my phone was , but tracking my phone is illegal , so you'll pay an informant to say I was at 9th and Trembley , oh I deny it I must be lying of course people who commit crimes lie  ! , and deny me the opportunity to point out that my girlfriends phone died that day so i lent her mine until she could recharge hers ...

NSA sabataged encryption standards , so as to hack and read anyones messages.

NSA writes malware to infect computers owned by people they don't like.

NSA has committed industrial espionage (Petrobrazil , hacked their computers to see what their bid was on a Brazilian project and give the information to a competing american corperation so the american could win , which is why brazil has been ticked at USA for over a year now ... )

On and on , and every day new revelations.

What do we do about these terrible , terrible people ?

Not a dang thing. 

Huh ? Excuse me ,you just went on for a whole page about their terrible crimes. What do you mean not a dang thing ?

The USA has made a number of promises. Promises about being a great democracy , a beacon of freedom, a safe haven for capitalism. And quite frankly , it has fallen down and broken many of those promises. No question at all about it.

But it is still a better place to live than Russia. As much as I admire Edward Snowden and consider him a hero for unveiling the dishonesty of the NSA , and in truth the entire USA (ie: Obama is backing up the NSA to the hilt, so we gotta blame the whole government , it isn't just "one rogue branch" ) , as much as I admire him , I have no intention of joining him in russia.

As much as I admire China's efforts to get another operating system off the the ground and kick the windows habit , that admiration stems from a need for all of us , all nations (except the USA) needing to kick the windows habit, and it's good to pay attention to the guy going first so you don't make the mistakes he made. I have no intention of moving to china , and I certainly don't applaude their endless cycle of human rights violations (except maybe against the muslim radicals ...) I merely watch with the interest of one who knows we are next in line to walk the same path.

Because lets face it. You can't plant spy devices in stuff when people are watching you. They'll say things like "That's a USA phone ? You know the NSA is listenning on everything you do , right ? Oh ,and they share that info wtih the FBI and even local law enforcement, so the average cop on the street is probably listenning in on your phone as well "

If you are a foriegn government building a secure network , and the USA twists your arm and makes you sign a treaty saying USA corperations (whom you KNOW FOR CERTAIN will plant bugs in that suddenly not so secure network) are allowed to bid  , and they routinley underbid local corperations , guess what ? You don't have to accept anyone's bid . You can turn around and decide you aint going to waste the money , because it's supposed to be a secure netowrk , and it obviously isn't secure.
   And if they force you to bulid it anyways, you will build the crappiest , most worthless "secure" network you can get away with it , and then warn everyone within a country mile it's being spied on they shouldn't use it. Then you'll stop paying the bills to maintain it and let it slowly fall apart.

I predict the rise of a new kind of secure network. And it will be called "Sneaker Net". And it will be guys in sneakers with security clearances and usb sticks and chits for unlimited taxi rides running back and forth all over the capital city of every nation in the world. And it will be ok for them to talk with the cabbie , because they have no idea whats on the usb sticks they carry so they can't reveil anything anyways.

I predict Joe Average will stop using the current , infested internet . He will have no choice. The number of hacking incidents is always rising. And after your bank account gets cleared out a time or two , you kind of get the picture maybe this internet is crap , and you don't care that people blame you for having a weak password or what not , you just know you can't make rent this month because some russian (or chinese) hackers just cleared you out.

I predict Joe Average will lay some cable of his own  so his near by neibours and himself can share information without some hackers on the other side of the world getting copies. I predict this cabling will be artfully not mentioned to anyone in authority, because that annoying TIPPS or TAPPS or whatever it is treaty just may come into force , rendering such "private networks" totally illegal , but people will do them anyways.

I predict people meeting at coffee shops , with lap tops , and ignoring the free wifi , as they sit and chat and drink their copy , and exchange usb sticks, and copy data back and forth , and return the usb sticks, keeping a copy of the information. All without any of it being transmitted over the air or across a wire for any intelligence agency or hacker anywhere to copy.

I predict MMO games (online virtual worlds) will become one of the few applications to remain on the old network , for a time, because you pretty much know you're associating with a bunch of total strangers and you're not going to reviel your life secrets to them.  But even that time may be limited, because even this last week , the beginning of September 2014 , a group of hackers tried to take down World of Warcraft , one of the largest MMO's on the planet. And in five years, who knows, maybe they'll succeed in knocking it off , at which point the internet will likely be declared unusuable and be scrapped anyways.

Won't that be a hoot. NSA invests all this effort into forcing everyone onto this one , single internet , one with no security they havn't sabataged , so they can spy on the world. Woopsie ... can't actually use the thing it's full of spammers and hackers and black mailers who keep knocking your servers off line !  Ferget about it lets try something different ...


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This is the part where our politicians sell our country out from under us , pocket some bribe money , and leave town quick.
Note the part where it mentions 9 other countries ? They mean Canada as well.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Don't talk to the police. ESPECIALLY if you're innocent.

Now this is just plain frightenning. "No officer , I don't know anything about it." will get you convicted ? whoa...

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Illegal Spying Below

Watch the Video. That's all I gotta say.

Searching for truth in Gaza conflict


It has been my observation certain news articles , especially unpopular ones, tend to mysteriously vanish. So , I'm copying this one , in full, it was written by John Robson , QMI agency  , in the toronto sun. 

With Israel winding down its incursion into Gaza, we search through the physical and mental rubble for lessons. As usual, an air of unreality permeates the exercise.
The conventional wisdom seems to be that a brutal Israeli overreaction to Hamas provocations outraged world opinion and forced Tel Aviv back to the negotiating table with reasonable local players and its staunch American ally to seek a two-state solution to help the poor Palestinians. Not one bit of that is true.

OK. The Hamas provocations were real, from rocket attacks to an elaborate expensive network of terror tunnels. But Israel did not overreact and was not brutal.
Those who say “Israel has a right to defend itself but…” have never explained what it could have done that would have been less forceful yet effective. And despite the common narrative of Israel as a callous bully spraying fire at civilians and outraging world opinion, the IDF acted to minimize civilian and maximize jihadi deaths with considerable effect.

Most accounts tell you the bulk of victims were “civilians” then list a few dead children for added pathos. And all decent people are horrified by non-combatant deaths, young or old, and wish they could be avoided. But in fact a far higher proportion of the dead are young men with terrorist affiliations than would result from careless or random fire. And Hamas has been storing weapons in schools, firing from beside hospitals, hiding tunnel entrances behind UNRWA signs and otherwise seeking to maximize innocent deaths it can then exploit for publicity and recruitment.
Why do we hear so little of this? Because the official account of events within Gaza comes from Hamas, which doesn’t just kill Jews and its own people without compunction, as human shields or in brutal extralegal torture-murders of suspected collaborators. It also routinely bullies and threatens journalists, who then say, and omit, what Hamas dictates without mentioning that they report under duress.

As for international “pressure” helping end the incursion, world opinion may influence the course of debate in a genuinely divided society like, say, white South Africa during apartheid. But something like 95% of Israeli Jews favoured “Operation Protective Edge.” Mind you, more than half think it ended too soon.

Thus the Obama administration is doubly deluded in thinking UN, Western liberal and Islamist outrage now force a stubborn Israeli government to join a negotiating process among various local parties seeking a genuine compromise solution. John Kerry can trade words with open backers of Hamas like Qatar and Turkey until his Nobel Peace Prize comes home, but Israelis know there’s no partner for peace on the other side so they do what they need to do and stop when they think it’s done.

As it happens most of Israel’s neighbours hate and fear Hamas, and its Iranian backers, so much that for once they don’t want to kill the Jews then start in on each other. This time the Saudi, Egyptian and Jordanian governments, among others, want to do it in the other order.
Finally, the Muslim world does not sympathize with the Palestinians. No Arab neighbour has offered them refuge and citizenship at any point in the last 66 years. Instead, like Hamas, those governments find Palestinian suffering instrumentally useful but otherwise uninteresting.

There is an old saying that a lie is half-way around the world before the truth gets its boots on. But as the dust settles, at least some people will keep asking questions like: Why do the negotiations go nowhere? What does the Hamas Charter say? Why do media peddle Hamas numbers? Why should we trust Western journalists and politicians who are so reliably wrong on every important aspect of the Middle East?

Why the persistent air of unreality?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wow Voice Chat

Wow is an online game I play a lot. It has built in voice chat ,which didn't matter because when it first came out , years ago , it sucked pretty bad.

But these days, it's a lot better.

So I"m making this article on my blog to show people how to set it up , and we'll give it another go.

When you're in the game, press Esc , system , and select voice .  This should bring you to the voice chat screen.

Obviously , make sure the "Enable Voice Chat" box is selected.

We'll start with the Microphone.  Pick the first one in the list of Microphones , make sure the volume is about half (you can move it up and down if it turns out to be too loud) . 

Press the Record Button , say "Test Test Test" into your microphone , and then press play. You should hear your voice . You should also in the Volume Read Out right beside the play button , see a little gray bar moving back and forth with your voice.  If you see the grey bar moving around when you talk , you know your microphone is set up. If not , check your mic. Is it plugged in ? Is it turned on , etc. 

If that fails , go to the List of Microphones and try the next one.  Work your way down the list and hopefully one of them will work. 

Speakers are pretty obvious. If you can hear your voice from the microphone test , you don't have to do anything. Otherwise , move all the volume controls to 50%  , start with the top speaker , and try again. Work your way down the list until you can hear yourself. 

The settings you see here are correct for push to talk. That is , people only hear you when you're pushing the transmit button , and I've selected the left control key as the key. If you want a different one, press the red button and press some other key , and that will be the transmit key. 

 Now that we (I hope !) have you talking , it's time to choose a Chat channel. 

Open the channel menu, it's on the minimap. 

And Go to the custom channel part. You will click on it , enter the channel name, and the password , if there is a password.  And then you should be happily chatting with everyone else on the channel. Note that if the channel doesn't exist , it will be created.

And that should be that.

Friday, July 18, 2014

New Fire Alarm System (Or a Hidden Mic)

New fire alarm system. They now put the speakers right inside your home.
Problem is , it's the post Edward Snowden Era , and thoughts about NSA and CSEC spying on you and everything are flying all over the internet.

And now they're putting this thing in every single apartment.
Product specs look innocent enough of you look up a Wheelock E50 Speaker , but still. It would be a really good way to put a microphone in every apartment in the country , wouldn't it ?

Overly Suspicious ? Yes. Tin Foil Hat ?

Eaton Center
1000 Eaton Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44122
(440) 523-5000
Eaton's Cooper Business
600 Travis Street, Suite 5400
Houston, Texas 77002-1001
(713) 209-8400
Mailing Address
P. O. Box 4446
Houston, Texas 77210-4446

Every contact number for Cooper Industries is inside the United States. Meaning they are legally required to do anything any US Government agency asks (such as the NSA). Which means yes, the USA believes it has the right to put hidden microphones in the things.

Like they put data taps in computers that were headed for china. (real fact , not tin foil hat theory , they got caught red handed.)

Congradualtions. I don't know whether the thing is bugged or not , that's speculation , but a path now exists for the NSA to put a microphone in every non-americans home. And by the way , the consider it perfectly legal.

Probably it's just a Speaker.

But they claim the right to bug it , if they like.

I want it removed.

I mailed a letter to David McGuinty , Liberal Member of Parliment for Ottawa South.

XXXXXXXXXXXXx Apt XXX , Ottawa South
They put in a new fire alarm system today.
It apparently requires a speaker in every apartment.
(picture enclosed)
Off the bottom of the speaker I got the name Wheelock
Looking up this on google , I got a Wheelock E50 White Speaker , from
Cooper Industries.

All contacts for Cooper Industries are Either Ohio, or Texas , in the USA.

Eaton Center
1000 Eaton Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44122
(440) 523-5000
Eaton's Cooper Business
600 Travis Street, Suite 5400
Houston, Texas 77002-1001
(713) 209-8400
Mailing Address
P. O. Box 4446
Houston, Texas 77210-4446
I talked to the Land Lord, he is REQUIRED by the fire code, to put speakers in every apartment.
And the Crux of The Matter :

The USA has declared it has the right to order it's corperations to cooperate with government departments, such as the NSA , to assist in spying. We have seen examples of them putting bugs in routers, or other computers, and shipping them off to China, bugging Angela Merkels phone (German Chancellor). Etc etc.

Odds are , there ISN'T a microphone in those speakers. :)

But still , the USA has reserved the right to put one there , if they feel like. And if those speakers are everywhere in Canada , or even just everywhere in Ontario (depending on what level the fire code is operating at) , that means the USA has reserved the right , at least , to spy on anyone in Ontario , if they feel like it.

And by the way , Obama has already declared this kind of activity to be perfectly legal.

I protest , and I want this USA made device out of my apartment. I don't trust it. Even if it has no listening device in it now , sooner or later it will need repairs, which means it essentially reserves permission to put one in , any time they feel like , and call it a repair visit.

Allowing the USA to put devices in every home in the province or country is a huge mistake , and I think it should be undone. XXXXX  XXXXXXXX

(Edit) Conversation with the Land Lord to have it removed. They refuse. It's part of the Fire Code to have it in every unit of the building.

What the heck is this thing ?

What the heck is this thing ?
Ok , firstly , I admit , these pics have been in my camera a while. This thing just apeared one day at this corner , I don't know what it is , but it has the city of ottawa logo on it. A day or two later, it was moved to the opposite side of the intersection , and a few days later it was gone.

I'm guessing ... traffic counter ?
Who knows. That dish at the top looks like a really tiny radar dish. And it's pointed at the center of the intersection.

The weirdest things these days keep popping up.

Little Doggie (ok, it's a fox)

It's probably not shown very well , but near the Elmvale Shopping center in Ottawa, Ont, there was a fox running loose. I caught some pics, this is the best one. It's not that good. Hopefully it will magnify properly when you click on it...