Friday, July 03, 2015

Google non-Privacy

So google introduces these "Privacy" settings.


It wasnt' there, of course.

What was there was a demand for more information (specifically , my phone number, everyone in the universe wants my home phone number and doesn't believe I only have a cheap cell phone , a google phone no less , or at least android) . They were really pushing getting that phone number.

So basically , they're following in the american Freedom Act's foot steps. They call it "Privacy" but really they mean to steal every byte of information they can , even more than before, and continue selling it to everyone and the dog.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Airbus to sue NSA, German spies accused of swiping tech secrets

Article =

Spiegel Online reported that the BND's listening station at Bad Aibling in southern Bavaria was used to target up to 2,000 European concerns, including European defense company EADS, the helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter, and various French agencies. This spying was done at the behest of the NSA, and the information may have been fed back to American businesses.

 I pretty much knew this was going on , but didn't have any proof. Of course all sorts of American Senators, their political war chests to get elected again filled by american businesses , are going to pass along industrial secrets to american corperations. How exactly can that *NOT* happen ??? You think those corperations are giving away millions just for giggles and chuckles ? Millions ?

Uh uh.

The American Copywrite system now officially (it already had it unofficially) has another strike against it. That being that a goodly (but unknown , and you may be certain every american will deny THEIR Copywrites were stolen) number of the copyrights in that system don't actually belong to the owners. They were stolen by americans from over seas.

The price of doing business with americans is just too high if you ask me. They spy on everyone , and it aint to fight terrorists , they steal any copyright materials they can get and copyright them real quick , and all of that made in america electronics is probably full of electronic bugs to continue the spying that has been just so productive, how can they possibly *NOT* continue ?  Even if it is cut down to 10% of what it's been reveiling currently , they will reason , that's still a whopping huge amount. You don't dare kill the golden goose , money is everything right ?

Still looking for another computer , and antoher phone. It won't be an iphone or an android, and windows 10 will not be seen in my place. Not ever.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Where's Ottawa Boy

One of my friends decided to get cute and google my location. I think it's this guy.

Wow, looks like quite the psycho killer. 
Anyways. He noticed a church in the back ground of that pic I posted showing my new apartment , and did a google search of churches and ottawa , and then  he checked out the roof top patterns and the cracks in the road (you can see the cracks around the sewar if you look out the window) and came up with an address ... that wasn't perfect , but it was really really close. He's only off by a few meters.

And the only tool he used was google (search and street view).
It's frightenning how much can be learned with a few google searches. It really is. I think we are in an age where information about ourselves is out of our control.

This guy is actually a good friend so I'm not worried about him tracking me down. But the fact that a few google searchs from a stray picture can find my address is of deep concern to us all , I think.

RIP Walter Scott


It is illegal to advocate the commission of a crime. Both in Canada and in the USA. But what if there are problems ?

Legal problems , like in the american south, where the cops are essentially hunting down blacks as if they were game animals, and as in this video , putting a few bullets in the back of one that's running away. (Not allowed to shoot anyone who isn't a threat to another human being ...shooting someone in the back while he's fleeing , no matter what his criminal history , is a serious no no)  We all know this cop will never see the inside of a jail. In the American South , there is a one sided war going on. The Blacks get shot by the cops, and the cops make dang sure no one fights back.

How long until the blacks get tired of being used for target practice , throw away their cell phones and other devices that the FBI is most certainly using to spy on them and make sure they don't organize (but don't ask them for those recorded conversations to use as evidence against some cop ! ) and do it the old fashion way ?

Everyone knows, you can't run around shooting people and expect them not to defend themselves. Everyone knows many mideavil nations, like France , had themselves a revolution when the population got tired of being killed , and decided to introduce the nobility to madame guillotine.

Im not advocating the blacks rise up and take up arms.
I'm advocating the Klu Klux Klan and all of it's followers be thrown in jail , before they set the USA on fire.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Article = none , personal experience

Moving homes without a moving truck is a pain. Luckily I had help. And a donation of chairs. Good chairs, which in my definition means chairs that won't collapse under my 305lbs weight (do you know how many fold up chairs there are with a 250lbs weight limit ? And the realy fancy sturdy ones have, hidden away in hard to find spots, a tag proclaiming hteir limit is actually only 225lbs ...? )

 This dour faced ray of sunshine is my friend George , who is helping me move these two chairs he gave me on the bus.

Wow. I gotta do something about that beard. That's my new dollar store cowboy hat, sells for about $2.50 each , and a white beard so thick children stop me on the street and call me Santa Clause. I tell them I'm on vacation.

Wow. I now have 3 chairs in my place. (and no table) That's quite a step up from one chair. I can actually have people over and more than one person at a time can sit down.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

There's no place like home

Article = none , personal experience

 Moved to a new place. Potentially the last place i will ever live in , since it's city of ottawa housing. Or ...maybe when I turn 65 they'll decide it's not a good idea for the old folks to live with the  young hoodlems.
   Anyways...looks like the old fridge was a wreck, so I got a brand new one. Even has the paper work still in it.

 My spot on the floor. I used to sleep in my girlfriends bed (when she was at work) and it was very very comfortable. And after a few days I'd get these awful back aches. Then for one reason or another I wound up sleeping on the floor, and my back ache went away ? Weird. A whole industry built on selling you mattersses that seem to actually inflict back pain on you. One wonders what the point is ?

The baby blue pad with the electical cable is a Heating pad, you lie on it and despite the fact that you only have 2 blankets you're warm anyways because the electric pad keeps you warm at night.

Counter space counter space, where art thou counterspace ? Oh that red cup ...seems to be taking it all up, not that there was much in the first place. Hmm...gonna have to get a table or something.

Ok , yes it's a camping chair. But it has a 500lbs weight capacity, making it far superior to all those other 250lbs limit fold up chairs (and me weighing 305 lbs last time I checked !)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Saanich mayor vindicated by privacy commissioner's report on spyware


VICTORIA — Less than two weeks after being sworn in as mayor, Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell learned he was being spied upon.
A whistleblower sidled up to the rookie mayor at a community event, last December, and suggested the mayor’s own staff had bugged his municipal computer.
Distrustful of Saanich’s top bureaucrats — many of whom were loyal to the six-term incumbent that Atwell had just upset at the polls — the mayor of Vancouver Island’s largest municipality felt he had only one option left: Launch his own investigation.

Atwell’s suspicions were vindicated Monday in a report by privacy commissioner Elizabeth Denham, who said Saanich staff broke the law by installing spyware software called Spector 360 onto several municipal computers.
The district collected too much unnecessary personal information and didn’t provide proper notification to those being monitored, Denham ruled.
The software was also too invasive, tracking not only Atwell’s Internet and email usage, but also recording all the keystrokes he made and taking screenshots of his screen every 30 seconds, said Denham.

So the employee's of the Mayor decided they didn't like the new mayor and they put spyware on his machine .

Atwell has asked the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner to review Saanich police conduct, as well as the conduct of the regional traffic unit that has pulled him over four times without issuing any infractions.

And they tried to get you arrested . And the police investigation was tainted of course , since the police were in on it. They were all loyal to the mayor of 6 terms who just got booted (6x4= 24 years )

See, this is the kind of nonsense I'm talking about. The police were in on the scam. If you can't trust the police who can you trust. Apparently , no one, because even the police were in on this effort to oust a duly elected mayor.

I do not know if Atwell is a good mayor  , or a terrible mayor. But I do know , it is the responsibility of the electorate to decide who is mayor , not the police , and not some bureaucrat in IT who owes the previous administration a favor. For us to permit someone to take away our right to vote , and have that vote actually mean something , is to turn us into the blacks of Ferguson , Missouri, who were abused and even murdered by the politico's , because their vote didn't matter. They never got to vote.

Mark my words. Let someone take your vote from you , and that's what your town / city will turn into.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Driver beware: Your new car may be spying on you


Electronic control units keep track of everything from how fast you drive to how long your car idles and how suddenly you brake, the report says. Your car’s GPS system, for example, also keeps track of your exact location, sending that information to the car’s manufacturer, or possibly a third-party call centre or an insurance agency.
Detailed information about where a person spends their time paints an intimate picture of their life, the report says, and can be dangerous in the wrong hands.
“Such data can be used to embarrass or blackmail a person, to stalk individuals, to steal identities, to facilitate robberies, or to create a profile that can then be used by commercial entities in unexpected ways.”  "
What might not be so obvious to motorists, however, are the consequences of having your car constantly monitored.
“You watch it and you go, ‘that’s really interesting, that’s really useful,’ ” Gogolek told in a phone interview. “Then you go, ‘wait a second -- if they have microphones in the car, can they listen to what I’m saying?’ ”
Though it doesn’t appear GM’s mics are always on, it wasn’t too long ago that a Ford executive unsettled attendees at a data-privacy panel discussion.
And a recent example of your car keeping tabs on you is rental company Hertz installing driver-facing cameras in their rental cars – though they say the cameras are “inactive.”

 --- ---- ---- ---

So ... the car has a microphone AND a camera pointed at the driver, GPS , and about 70 other sensors. And they're selling this info not only to insurance people, but to anyone else who's got two nickles to rub together (selling your daily route to advertisers).

I can see the salespitch.

This is *YOUR* car ! Enjoy ! But *We* will be watching your every move , and every time *YOU* fart *WE* will sell that information to McDonalds who will try and sell you new hambergers. PS : Thank you for the internet connection that *YOU* provide for *OUR* benifit.

Another brick in the wall of that filter bubble.

What is a filter bubble ?

It is where they control your internet searches , the signs you see along the road, your phone, etc etc, to convince you that 8$ is a reasonable price for a loaf of bread, but the guy behind you is only paying 4$. Basically , it's an opportunity to rip you off. And that's before you get into political types who disenfranchise you from voting because they believe you'll vote against them (robocall scandel was only the beginning) , and any activist pointing out that anyone anywhere is cheating the system some how. (Enbridge had a few more pipe line leaks..oh we gotta silence that , CRTC made a decision Bell didn't like, bells lapdog CTV is going to heavily slant that , Big Business wants more TFW's because hiring canadians is just so passè , we gotta silence anyone who protests that ...etc etc)