Air Canada asks top court to reject maintenance ruling in Quebec lawsuit fight

MONTREAL -- Air Canada has asked the country's top court to overturn a Quebec ruling that would require the airline to keep its maintenance operations in the country.
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Oh come on ,you guys are interfering in proper business practices. I'm going to give you the same answer the government gives everyone about C-51 and privacy. Privacy is dead. Deal with it. 
And on behalf of Air Canada , I say to you, Local Jobs are dead, Outsourcing and Temporary Foriegn Workers are here to stay. Get over it and get off your unemployed bums and find a job. Just not with Air Canada , we only hire forieners , so we can work them into the ground for less than minimum wage and fire them the day before they've put in enough time to become a Canadian Citizens. 
Jobs for Canadians are dead, just like privacy is dead. Deal with it. 
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 Wow, it's really irritating hearing that about your lively hood isn't it ? Wait until the general public figures out privacy is part of their lively hood too. Microsoft knows way too much about you. And sells the info to anyone. 
What do I mean way too much ? 
Did you check your bank balance on line ? Did you enter your card number and password ? Microsoft owns that information. 
Did you get Diabetes , and do a few searches, and now you're being followed everywhere by bogus Diabetes cure ads that will do nothing but take your money tell you the doctors are lying , and display their well practices excuses when you drop dead from stopping your meds ? 
Did you donate five dollars to a political party online , and now on election eve you're getting robocalls directing you to the wrong polling station where you will not be allowed to vote, you'll be told to go home, and you'll give up and not vote at all ?  
 Oh and hackers grabbed your bank card number and pin number, made a fake one , and emptied your bank account 2 minutes after you got paid. 
 Are you sure privacy isn't like super important ? Really sure ?