Monday, March 30, 2015

Saanich mayor vindicated by privacy commissioner's report on spyware


VICTORIA — Less than two weeks after being sworn in as mayor, Saanich Mayor Richard Atwell learned he was being spied upon.
A whistleblower sidled up to the rookie mayor at a community event, last December, and suggested the mayor’s own staff had bugged his municipal computer.
Distrustful of Saanich’s top bureaucrats — many of whom were loyal to the six-term incumbent that Atwell had just upset at the polls — the mayor of Vancouver Island’s largest municipality felt he had only one option left: Launch his own investigation.

Atwell’s suspicions were vindicated Monday in a report by privacy commissioner Elizabeth Denham, who said Saanich staff broke the law by installing spyware software called Spector 360 onto several municipal computers.
The district collected too much unnecessary personal information and didn’t provide proper notification to those being monitored, Denham ruled.
The software was also too invasive, tracking not only Atwell’s Internet and email usage, but also recording all the keystrokes he made and taking screenshots of his screen every 30 seconds, said Denham.

So the employee's of the Mayor decided they didn't like the new mayor and they put spyware on his machine .

Atwell has asked the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner to review Saanich police conduct, as well as the conduct of the regional traffic unit that has pulled him over four times without issuing any infractions.

And they tried to get you arrested . And the police investigation was tainted of course , since the police were in on it. They were all loyal to the mayor of 6 terms who just got booted (6x4= 24 years )

See, this is the kind of nonsense I'm talking about. The police were in on the scam. If you can't trust the police who can you trust. Apparently , no one, because even the police were in on this effort to oust a duly elected mayor.

I do not know if Atwell is a good mayor  , or a terrible mayor. But I do know , it is the responsibility of the electorate to decide who is mayor , not the police , and not some bureaucrat in IT who owes the previous administration a favor. For us to permit someone to take away our right to vote , and have that vote actually mean something , is to turn us into the blacks of Ferguson , Missouri, who were abused and even murdered by the politico's , because their vote didn't matter. They never got to vote.

Mark my words. Let someone take your vote from you , and that's what your town / city will turn into.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Driver beware: Your new car may be spying on you


Electronic control units keep track of everything from how fast you drive to how long your car idles and how suddenly you brake, the report says. Your car’s GPS system, for example, also keeps track of your exact location, sending that information to the car’s manufacturer, or possibly a third-party call centre or an insurance agency.
Detailed information about where a person spends their time paints an intimate picture of their life, the report says, and can be dangerous in the wrong hands.
“Such data can be used to embarrass or blackmail a person, to stalk individuals, to steal identities, to facilitate robberies, or to create a profile that can then be used by commercial entities in unexpected ways.”  "
What might not be so obvious to motorists, however, are the consequences of having your car constantly monitored.
“You watch it and you go, ‘that’s really interesting, that’s really useful,’ ” Gogolek told in a phone interview. “Then you go, ‘wait a second -- if they have microphones in the car, can they listen to what I’m saying?’ ”
Though it doesn’t appear GM’s mics are always on, it wasn’t too long ago that a Ford executive unsettled attendees at a data-privacy panel discussion.
And a recent example of your car keeping tabs on you is rental company Hertz installing driver-facing cameras in their rental cars – though they say the cameras are “inactive.”

 --- ---- ---- ---

So ... the car has a microphone AND a camera pointed at the driver, GPS , and about 70 other sensors. And they're selling this info not only to insurance people, but to anyone else who's got two nickles to rub together (selling your daily route to advertisers).

I can see the salespitch.

This is *YOUR* car ! Enjoy ! But *We* will be watching your every move , and every time *YOU* fart *WE* will sell that information to McDonalds who will try and sell you new hambergers. PS : Thank you for the internet connection that *YOU* provide for *OUR* benifit.

Another brick in the wall of that filter bubble.

What is a filter bubble ?

It is where they control your internet searches , the signs you see along the road, your phone, etc etc, to convince you that 8$ is a reasonable price for a loaf of bread, but the guy behind you is only paying 4$. Basically , it's an opportunity to rip you off. And that's before you get into political types who disenfranchise you from voting because they believe you'll vote against them (robocall scandel was only the beginning) , and any activist pointing out that anyone anywhere is cheating the system some how. (Enbridge had a few more pipe line leaks..oh we gotta silence that , CRTC made a decision Bell didn't like, bells lapdog CTV is going to heavily slant that , Big Business wants more TFW's because hiring canadians is just so passè , we gotta silence anyone who protests that ...etc etc)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Ferguson municipal judge hears first round of cases


The Missouri Supreme Court appointed Judge Roy Richter to handle the caseload. A statement from the state chief justice’s office indicated Richter will bring a fresh, disinterested perspective to the courts’ practices and will be able and willing to implement needed reforms. The statement went on to indicate it’s not just Ferguson; it’s entirely possible statewide changes are needed to the judicial system.
And while others agreed Judge Richter seems fair, some felt a new judge cannot bring about necessary changes.
“Once the police cite me, it’s too late for a judge to make a difference,” he said Morris.

 Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.
Got a fine for "walking with attitude " ? He can't void it. He's gonna make you pay it anyways.
Hes going to enforce all those illegal and unconstitutional Municiple Laws.

The racist white regime of america keeps right on rolling along, robbing the black man every time he turns around.

Friday, March 20, 2015

My Email Friend

Artical = none , personal experience

   I met a man once, well , I emailed him. For a time.

   He had Aspergers Syndrome , or so he said, and I looked it up.

   But the medical description was nothing like what I saw.

Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's syndrome, Asperger disorder (AD) or simply Asperger's, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although not required for diagnosis, physical clumsiness and atypical (peculiar or odd) use of language are frequently reported.[1][2] The diagnosis of Asperger's was eliminated in the 2013 fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and replaced by a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder on a severity scale.[3]

   His messages had no context, he had to keep reminding you what he was talking about , resulting in several paragraphs of text where a simple sentence would suffice.

   And he had no ... sense of humour ? No understanding of double meanings. If you told him the joke about a man with a duck walking into a bar and asking the bartender to put it on the ducks bill ... he will not realize that "the ducks bill" could refer to the ducks physical bill on the ducks face, or the bill (or tab) that the duck was running up by purchasing products. He'll see one or the other, he won't see both. Then he'll think you're crazy, and possibly dangerous. Why are you babbling nonsense ? Are you going to get violent next ? Are you insane in the literal clinical sense ? And it goes down hill from there.

   He honestly believed he was the only sane person on the planet , and that everyone else was crazy. That the lunatics were running the insane asylem and there was nothing he could do about it.

   The Royal Ottawa Hospital (the local mental institute) wasn't much help. As far as they were concerned, if they could get him to pretend to be sort of normal , long enough to hit the grocery store and come back, they didn't care how much he howled at the moon when he was home, or what craziness he engaged in. There's a shortage of beds in the mental institute, and this guy can at least care for himself and isn't a danger to the public, let him loose.

   I spoke with him over many emails , he refused to meet in person , and I quickly figured out that would be a bad idea, and I got the distinct impression of the old Opera singers. The ones that could hit ridiculously high notes because they'd been castrated before puberty , and who never really complained about the inability to have sex, because they'd never had that ability in the first place. How can you miss something you've never had ?

   There were pieces of his brain , empathy , and holistic thought (seeing the big picture) and understanding double meanings ... these were not functioning in him. And apparently , they'd never been functioning. He was vaguely aware of the words, probably others had informed him of this as well , but they meant nothing to him. How could he miss something he'd never had ? A blind man may hear of the wonders of sight , but if he's been blind from birth and never seen , he's just going to ignore you when you speak on that topic.

   He doesn't like the modern definition of autism. He's able to quote it to me , but he doesn't believe in it. He speaks of a much older definition , apparently from the time of world war II. Hitler's people first diagnosed Asperger's syndrome , it seemed, and their definition was "every smart person on the planet". And they had plans to elminate all of the Asperger Sufferers. But the problem was, they needed smart people for science and engineering and winning the war ...

   I mentioned the inability to see the larger picture ? He was never able to resolve that inherent conflict between "kill all the smart people" and "we need smart people to win the war" . He alternates between thinking about one , and thinking about the other. He doesn't even see they are opposites and you can only walk down one of those paths.

   And he's got a touch of parania. He believes to this day there is a world wide conspiracy to kill the smart people. And he lacks the ability to notice he's 70 , and in good health , and receiving free health care in canada , despite the government already knowing his relatively high IQ . That's not the actions of some organization out to kill you. But he can't see that , and he hangs onto his belief that they're coming to get him. Some day. Don't bother joking about they'd better hurry or he'll die of old age first, he won't see the funny.

   In fergusan Missouri a white cop shot a black man.

   The initial forensic report showed it was a black hood who tried to get the cops gun , got a few bullets for his trouble , and eventually wound up dead by lead poisoning. Pow pow. Open and shut case end of story. Hey there was even a witness, a black guy , testifying to the whole thing.

   Months later , it turns out the witness lied, and the cop had in fact shot the guy at point blank range while standing over him , and the bullets entered through the black mans skull and went down into his torso. Guy had been on his knee's and the cop executed him.

   Relevance to my story ?

   To this day , every white guy in america quotes the first , erronious forensic report as if it were gospel , and think you're crazy , or prejudiced , if you disagee with them. Every black guy quotes the second autopsy showing a very different version of events, one in which that unarmed black man was executed.

   And both sides stick to their guns.

   There was even a report from the Department of Justice showing wide spread corruption and persecution of the black man . One white man read just a piece of the report noted that even dogs were being blamed for being racists and dismissed the report . (Hint...the dogs bite who their police masters tell them to bite, they don't choose on their own...back to a human made decision !)

   It's like everyone in the world has Aspergers. They believe what they like , and they ignore any evidence they don't like. And if you disagree with them, you're part of the racist movement twisting events all out of shape (which shape ? depends on which side you're talking to). And they honestly believe what they're saying. They're bullet proof. Firing facts at them doesn't work  , they ignore those facts.

   Sometimes I wonder if they have Aspergers, or if it's a "filter" problem. They live in a world where everyone lies to them and they filter it out, to the point where they're now filtering out the truth as well.

   My friend in the email was born in the age of world war II. Hitler was in his youth. It was the first thing he learned as he grew up , I suppose it's natural for him to hang onto it all the days of his life. Perhaps he's not paranoid after all. Perhaps he simply learned his lessons very well as a boy , and it's way too late for this old dog to learn new tricks.

   The disturbing thing is , American Newspapers are very quick to print blame articals when something happens , bold and on the first page, and when they find out the truth , it's months later and a little tiny article near the back page. Leaving a lot of Americans with false information. Information they will defend for the rest of their lives.

   What good is a news service that openly lies to you ?

   My friend in the email was my father. And he taught me one more lesson as well. When my mother decided to dump him and never speak to him again , she did me a real big favor. Guy is as fruity as a nut cake, and is likely due for another stay in the Royal Ottawa. His ability to pass for minimally sane is slipping.

   I "lost" (read that erased) the email address and never speak to him again.

   Lesson to everyone out there. When looking up your long lost Father or mother or brother or such ... leave an escape route. There may be very good reasons that he 's long lost.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Barbie and her NSA Adventure

Artical =

Once a button on the doll is pressed, the Barbie will record a child's voice with its embedded microphone. That recording would then to be sent via Wi-Fi to Mattel’s technology partner, ToyTalk, which would process the audio with voice-recognition software and help the Barbie come up with a chatty response.

The doll is going to transmit everything it hears across the internet , and then a response will be transmitted back.
In this age where the NSA is working hard to destroy all encryption and lay everything open to be easily hacked , "We're fighting Terrorists darn it ! You're helping terrorists if you encrypt your stuff !" , you want to transmit everything said in the room across the internet.

Also ... the notion that you have to push a button for it to do this is nice, but LG / Samsung already did this with their "smart TV" that listens for voice commands, and offically can be turned off. The off switch turned out not to work.

So , Matel has joined the list of people trying to get a microphone into your living room (LG and Samsung with their TV's , Microsoft with it's Connect Controller , which is a camera not a microphone) and transmit EVERYTHING across the internet to a server for processing.

Can this NSA crap get any more depressing ? Your cell phones, your computers, your email , american routers , anything that transmits information across the internet (I'm looking at you , Internet of Things , and you're bizarre idea that I need a radio ID chip in my blue jeans to lead a full and productive life ...)


There is one thing I would like to point out to this easily hacked toy that NSA will catagorically refuse to allow to have functioning encryption on.

"Lets go to the front door , Annie . My friend Ken is waiting there to give us cookies ! How about that ?" I'll let you figure out who's really waiting at the front door.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Comments from my reader

"Do stories on the West African Ebola outbreak, and the forces of ISIS operating in Iraq and Syria!"
- anonymous

Ok, someone is reading my blog , hurray ! I thought I was writing just to blow off steam.

Ebola Outbreak : 
   It's a disease. It's bad. I'm not a doctor what do I know about it ?  Oopsie...

   ISIS are bad people doing bad things. I completely disagree with their ethos , many muslims actually are declaring them infidels and non-islamic because they're breaking the shia (muslim holy law). And boko harum (more or less means they dislike western education) isn't much better.
   Trouble is , there isn't much controversy here. Everyone , including their fellow Muslims (whom they are industriously hunting down and killing ) agree's they're bad people and someone should stop them. Not a lot to write about.

Charlie Hedbo
   I don't think they should be insulting muslims by drawing a picture of Mohammed. But then again , I don't think they should get much more than a fine for that.  Shooting them down with machine guns is outragous. We run our countries our ways (ie: each western country is beholden to it's own electorate) and people with guns from the other side of the world don't get a say in the matter.

Fergusan Missuri
   I think they murdered that black guy. I think , (according to the coroner and autopsy)  , he got down on his knees , and the cop stood over him at close range , and put two bullets in his skull. (The cops story is of course radically different than this)  .
   This cop , caught red handed, his story radically different than the coroner's evidence,  was let off with no penalty at all. Literaly they slapped him on the back and said "good job". Of course the blacks are rioting.  If someone declared it open season on all whities , kill all you like, they'd be rioting too.
   I think the prime responsibility for this situation is the Mayor and the City Council . They should be thrown in jail.
   And I think they will not be. They will get off scott free.

Ok. I think that brings us up on current affairs.

C-51 : Broader powers for CSIS
   No one cares that you want to arrest more terrorists Go for it.
   But we do care that these new laws could be turned against the canadian population. One need only look to the south to see the games they play to disenfranchise blacks. Certificates of 100$ or more to prove you're a voter (blacks only) , a math test that if you're white they ask you what 2+2 is , but if you're black they have this big huge jar of jelly beans and if you can't guess (correctly !) exactly how many are in you are shown the door, all sorts of games that make the canadian robocall scandel look tame.
   I think they need to put in some kind of "for anti- terrorism purposes only" clause, or the next thing you know CSIS will be tracking your cell phone and your car and you'll be getting parking violation fines in the mail because CSIS will pass along the "Terrorist" info to the city police. 

Personal Life

   Personally , I'm moving to a bachelor pad under public housing, after a 5 year wait. The rent is cheap, the place kind of looks like a prison with the barren halls and thick doors that are basically not going to get kicked in , and I'll probably spend the rest of my days in there. Who gives up a cheap apartment when you can simply lock the door and ignore the neibours, no matter how obnoxious they get ?
   Why am I telling you this ? I'm assuming Mrs Anonymous is my sister in toronto rather than some random stranger :) but if you are a random stranger , feel free to ignore this paragraph.

Ferguson, Missouri, Cops murder blacks

Article =

One of the things I dislike about many newspapers is the refusal to call a spade a spade. Not inciting riots , or calming things down , is the order of the day . Fixing the problem and punishing those responsible ... tossed aside as unimportant.

"EIGHT months after the fatal shooting of a local unarmed black teenager by a white police officer, tensions still simmer in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Last night about 150 demonstrators congregated where they always meet: in front of the police station on South Florissant Avenue. They rallied because of the resignation earlier yesterday of Thomas Jackson, the head of Ferguson police, in the wake of a scathing report by the Department of Justice (DOJ) that found that racial bias and petty harassment was rife in his force. Most of the demonstrators applauded Mr Jackson’s departure, but called for more heads to roll."

 "Walking with Attitude" was the biggest one. The officer judged you had attitude and gave you a 50$ fine.  Since the police chief was getting pressure to give out more and more fines from the Mayor, and this was considered an important source of income for the city , pretty much every time they saw a black man they fined him. Or black woman.

And when tensions explode, the police start shooting people.

This video is a re-enactment of the shooting. At the end is the autopsy results that show that Brown was shot from very close range while he was kneeling , which is in direct conflict of the story the officer gave of brown stealing the officers gun and then running away, and somehow magically not firing the gun once, but the officer fired it six times inflicting six wounds in Brown , at some distance as brown ran away.

Despite the obviously guilty officer executing a kneeling brown , he was cleared of all charges.

Which is pretty much telling the black community "Open season on all blacks ! No Bag limit !"

Yeah , this is why posts pointing this out in american papers are quickly surpressed. No one wants them rioting (they're rioting anyways) no one wants to add fuel to the fire ... and no one wants to fix the situation.

The problem here is the definition of policing , and occupying.

Police are supposed to be friendly. They're supposed to hunt the criminals and protect the innocent. (hint : A 50$ ticket every time a cop see's you is not condusive to police and civilians being on friendly terms)

Occupiers are under no such limitations. Hunting "insurgents" (violent enemy troops) means a lot of rules get broken.  But the point of occupation is , you need an army. You *WILL* take casualties. You are fighting armed enemy troops , you are pissing the population off , you are occupying the place.

If you want to be a cop, then police them.

If you want to be an occupier , you understand , occupiers take casualties. And this is not the fault of the occupied population. This is the cost of occupying territory that isn't yours, that isn't friendly to you. Either because it belongs to someone else, or because of people you essentially believe to be slaves , and how can any slave be on friendly terms to their "masters" ?

Last night about 150 demonstrators congregated where they always meet: in front of the police station on South Florissant Avenue. They rallied because of the resignation earlier yesterday of Thomas Jackson, the head of Ferguson police, in the wake of a scathing report by the Department of Justice (DOJ) that found that racial bias and petty harassment was rife in his force

 It is so typically american to arrest the wrong person. The Chief of Police had nothing to do with this. He was obeying the orders of the Mayor and the City Council.  He is being sacrificed to the crowd.

The problem here is that every mayor and city council in America is watching , and as far as they're concerned, if that mayor can get away with this , even if only for a few years before it falls apart, why can't they ? And this pattern will be repeated over and over.  This is the price for rewarding criminals when you should be punishing them.

The demonstrators were just about to pack up at around midnight when gun shots suddenly rang through the air, injuring two policemen who were part of a cordon of officers standing side-by-side to protect the police station. The two policemen were from the neighbouring St Louis county police department, as the Ferguson force had asked for back-up last night. The department was "lucky by God’s grace we didn’t lose two officers,” said Jon Belmar, head of the St Louis county police. The men were released from hospital today. Meanwhile the shooter remains at large.

 It was the luck of fools. Fools who shoot themselves in the foot only to find by some freak accident the bullets were badly manufactured and wont' fire. It wasn't god protecting you , if anything , it was the luck of the damned. And those arn't officers. Those are soldiers , in an occupying army. And soldiers take casualties. And you are the criminal for telling them anything else.

And next time they won't miss.  No one is that lucky.
And there will be a next time , because you will use this time as justification to beat your slaves even harder, extort more money out of them , and murder a few more of them.

The crowning irony will be when you catch some poor innocent black man , beat the crap out of him and force a confession , while the real shooter is just biding his time waiting to strike again. Framing people isn't so much fun , when the real criminal is still out there waiting to take another shot.

This is the price you pay , when you turn your police into soldiers. When you occupy a place , instead of police it.

It should probably be noted : I am not condoning violence. I'm not saying "go out and shoot a cop".  I am simply pointing out , that by the actions of one James Knowles , Mayor of Ferguson, and his cohorts Mark J. Byrne, Kim Tihen  , Dwayne T. James , David Conway,  Keith Kallstrom , all members of the city council , they have the death of at least one man , and the injury of two cops  on their hands. 

They are the real criminals here. 
And they will never be charged with anything.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our Broken Internet

article =Charlie Hebdo: 'Islamist cyber attacks' hit France
On Thursday, the head of cyber security for the French military, Vice Admiral Arnaud Coustilliere, said that "structured" groups and "well known Islamist hackers" were behind the attacks against the 20,000 sites, but did not elaborate.

Welcome to our broken internet. 
How is it broken ? 
A bunch of religious nut cases on the other side of the world can now dictate what sites can and cannot opperate, based on their religious views. They don't care about your religious views. 

How do we fix this internet ?

We cannot. 

The American NSA is actively working to prevent you from securing the internet from anyone who might hack you. Oh , in their view point they're fighting terrorism, they want to be able to hack anyone in the whole wide world. But by putting in a back door , trap door, whatever they call it, into your network , they're openning it to every hacker in the world. 

And it's been in the news pretty much every day for a year now that NSA likes to hack encryption and put in back doors, and when asked to stop the only response we got was from President Obama telling us to "GET OVER IT" he has no intention of stopping. 

Our current internet is for entertainment purposes only. 
You can't run a business on it, because entire nation states will hack you. Brazil , for example is ticked that NSA got caught red handed trying to help an american company win a contract in their oil industry (big money) against Petrobrazil.  This is why all american companies got the boot from brazil , and why they're now building their own undersea data cable straight to europe , bypassing american snooping.

It will be interesting to see what happens with that Data Cable , since it has been mentioned on several groups that the americans have a submarine called the USS Jimmy Carter specifically equipped for bugging undersea cables. But that cable is more than a year, possibly a couple of years, away so we're not getting any updates any time soon. 

There are articles to this day about some kind of double ellipse random number generator used in encryption that has a "trap door" , apparently if you feed the right numbers into it , somehow , and it's used in certain encryption algorythms, you can figure out the password quite easily. The details are not at all clear to me, the part where they sabataged your encryption and stuff you thought was hidden , is not , is pretty clear. 

Why is encryption important ?  
It's used by everyone. Banks, the military , police agencies (lives are on the line there, a lit of under cover operatives infiltrating drug gangs could get a lot of cops killed).

And now everyone knows to bang away at encryption , any encryption , because it's probably been sabataged. The UK government is thinking about banning encryption entirely if it doesn't have a back door to let them in (you gotta know the criminals, and terrorists are going to go looking for that back door). 

The problem here is that you're not encrypting your stuff against your next door neibours, and the 20 guys that live in your neibourhood who probably don't know squat about encryption. 

The problem is your little computer is hooked into the whole world, and there are entire nation states that have decided they want access to everything, every where. Every mom and pop shop, every private user just playing games, everything. 

And in their footsteps follow the terrorists who want to draw up a list of Infidels and execute them (there have already been news reports of ISIS making mal ware to find the real world location of their enemies and then sending over death squads...) 

And staying quiet and not bothering people has , historically , never actually worked. Plus the Sunni Muslims and the  Shi'ite muslims consider not only all non muslims in the world to be infidels, but each other as well , and you now have hundreds of millions of people who think you're an Infidel and desperately need to be killed, no matter what faith you follow.  (or even pretend to follow). No matter what you state as your faith , someone isn't going to like it. 

The time has come to take this internet technology , that is mostly copy lefted (free for anyone to use) and make your own internal network , and not connect it to anyone else. Just use it to share the printer on your floor. The time has come to contact your client via cell phone (voice or text message) and keep the content of the message down to "I'm down stairs please open the door" , or "Meet you at the cafe at 3pm " or "I just sent a courier over with the documents on a USB stick" or some such. 

Teleconferencing is now out for most companies, because they generally want to keep the contents of their little management meetings private. 

The time has come for private individuals to throw trash on their face book or other public accounts. Assuming you can't just shut them down. Make friends with people you don't really like. Claim you are an avid knitter, and then ignore all the knitting advertisments you will be flooded with. If anyone tries to analyze your face book for sales data, it should be full of errors, because "sales analysis" is a fancy way of saying "how can we double the price and he'll actually pay it , whether he likes it or not". 

The time has come for national data networks, networks that only work for one country , and kick everyone else out. Why ? Because CSIS (the canadian version of NSA) is beholden to the canadian voter, and so they can't get too obnoxious without some politician coming down on them.  But the USA's NSA doesn't give a rats behind what the Canadian Voter thinks, so they'll give us the middle finger and continue to gang rape our privacy and commit industrial espianoge and everything they can to get whatever they can out of it.