Friday, July 18, 2014

New Fire Alarm System (Or a Hidden Mic)

New fire alarm system. They now put the speakers right inside your home.
Problem is , it's the post Edward Snowden Era , and thoughts about NSA and CSEC spying on you and everything are flying all over the internet.

And now they're putting this thing in every single apartment.
Product specs look innocent enough of you look up a Wheelock E50 Speaker , but still. It would be a really good way to put a microphone in every apartment in the country , wouldn't it ?

Overly Suspicious ? Yes. Tin Foil Hat ?

Eaton Center
1000 Eaton Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44122
(440) 523-5000
Eaton's Cooper Business
600 Travis Street, Suite 5400
Houston, Texas 77002-1001
(713) 209-8400
Mailing Address
P. O. Box 4446
Houston, Texas 77210-4446

Every contact number for Cooper Industries is inside the United States. Meaning they are legally required to do anything any US Government agency asks (such as the NSA). Which means yes, the USA believes it has the right to put hidden microphones in the things.

Like they put data taps in computers that were headed for china. (real fact , not tin foil hat theory , they got caught red handed.)

Congradualtions. I don't know whether the thing is bugged or not , that's speculation , but a path now exists for the NSA to put a microphone in every non-americans home. And by the way , the consider it perfectly legal.

Probably it's just a Speaker.

But they claim the right to bug it , if they like.

I want it removed.

I mailed a letter to David McGuinty , Liberal Member of Parliment for Ottawa South.

XXXXXXXXXXXXx Apt XXX , Ottawa South
They put in a new fire alarm system today.
It apparently requires a speaker in every apartment.
(picture enclosed)
Off the bottom of the speaker I got the name Wheelock
Looking up this on google , I got a Wheelock E50 White Speaker , from
Cooper Industries.

All contacts for Cooper Industries are Either Ohio, or Texas , in the USA.

Eaton Center
1000 Eaton Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44122
(440) 523-5000
Eaton's Cooper Business
600 Travis Street, Suite 5400
Houston, Texas 77002-1001
(713) 209-8400
Mailing Address
P. O. Box 4446
Houston, Texas 77210-4446
I talked to the Land Lord, he is REQUIRED by the fire code, to put speakers in every apartment.
And the Crux of The Matter :

The USA has declared it has the right to order it's corperations to cooperate with government departments, such as the NSA , to assist in spying. We have seen examples of them putting bugs in routers, or other computers, and shipping them off to China, bugging Angela Merkels phone (German Chancellor). Etc etc.

Odds are , there ISN'T a microphone in those speakers. :)

But still , the USA has reserved the right to put one there , if they feel like. And if those speakers are everywhere in Canada , or even just everywhere in Ontario (depending on what level the fire code is operating at) , that means the USA has reserved the right , at least , to spy on anyone in Ontario , if they feel like it.

And by the way , Obama has already declared this kind of activity to be perfectly legal.

I protest , and I want this USA made device out of my apartment. I don't trust it. Even if it has no listening device in it now , sooner or later it will need repairs, which means it essentially reserves permission to put one in , any time they feel like , and call it a repair visit.

Allowing the USA to put devices in every home in the province or country is a huge mistake , and I think it should be undone. XXXXX  XXXXXXXX

(Edit) Conversation with the Land Lord to have it removed. They refuse. It's part of the Fire Code to have it in every unit of the building.

What the heck is this thing ?

What the heck is this thing ?
Ok , firstly , I admit , these pics have been in my camera a while. This thing just apeared one day at this corner , I don't know what it is , but it has the city of ottawa logo on it. A day or two later, it was moved to the opposite side of the intersection , and a few days later it was gone.

I'm guessing ... traffic counter ?
Who knows. That dish at the top looks like a really tiny radar dish. And it's pointed at the center of the intersection.

The weirdest things these days keep popping up.

Little Doggie (ok, it's a fox)

It's probably not shown very well , but near the Elmvale Shopping center in Ottawa, Ont, there was a fox running loose. I caught some pics, this is the best one. It's not that good. Hopefully it will magnify properly when you click on it...

Monday, June 30, 2014

Caliphate Summer War

Iraq fighting rages after Sunni militants declare caliphate


Alarming regional and world powers, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed universal authority when it dropped the local element in its name and said its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as leader of the Islamic state, was now caliph of the Muslim world — a medieval title last widely recognized in the Ottoman sultan deposed 90 years ago after the First World War.
"He is the imam and caliph for Muslims everywhere," group spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani said in an online statement on Sunday, using titles that carry religious and civil power.

 Dang. I had such hopes for this group. If Iraq was such a corrupt dive of a country , maybe the muslims would solve the problem and make their own , stable nation. 

But now , with this declaration that they rule the world , and all muslims should obey and all non-muslims need to die , I see the truth. 

This is a Summer War. 

What is a Summer War ? 

In europe , in the napolionic era , when there was no birth control , guess how they cut back the population ? They got all the young men all hot and bothered about some cause or another , and sent them off to war , deliberately seeking to get them killed off. Commanders actually had orders not to return until they had gotten rid of a certain amount of their command. 

The other muslim countries are not going to cow tow to some upstart, that much is certain. And the west certainly isn't going to stand back and let some islamic super power come into existance with the publically stated coal of brutally murdering anyone not following their particular brand of islam.

This is a summer war. It's just to get all the young men fire up , and then kill them off. A flash in the pan. It's going no where. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

This new email-tracking feature gives salespeople NSA-like powers


Cirrus Insight email tracking allows users to receive real-time notifications when someone opens an email; view the time/date, location, and device on which email opens occurred; and log email tracking-information to the activity history in Salesforce.

 So , you open a spam message , and before you even finish reading it you get a phone call from the guy who sent it . And he knows where you live , because you probably checked it at home , and he's in the neibourhood he'll be right over to talk to you about it , in fact , that's him knocking on your door right now ...

Yeah. That's not going to be good for me.

I see a lot of "weak willed" shall we say , people  ,who are too polite to be dealing with aggressive salesmen , they'll lose their shirts , it's like throwing a lion in with a lamb.

Lot of people going to stop checking their email entirely , and maybe even get rid of their cell phone , if this thing goes big.

Won't bother me though. If you arn't one of like five or six people I want to talk to , I don't answer the phone I reject the call. And I have no problem with just not opennign the door , demanding "who is it ?" before I let them in , and if it isn't a cop in full uniform , they aint getting in.

Dollar vs Bitcoin

Just a Funny Picture.
PS: I still think bitcoin is a scam and you'll lose your shirt if you deal in it.
Unless you're a drug dealer , in which case losing 15% or more on each transaction is cheap for money laundering.

'Nother words, go Harper ! Feel free to ban the currency as illegal , you'll be doing everyone but the drug dealers a favor.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mind-controlled exoskeleton kicks off World Cup


A young man whose legs are paralyzed will be the first person to kick a soccer ball at the World Cup in Brazil today.
During the opening ceremonies of the World Cup, which start at 3:15 p.m. in Brazil (2:15 p.m. ET), eight paraplegics wearing robotic exoskeletons will walk onto the field, by controlling the technology with their brain waves. One of the eight will be chosen to make the first ceremonial kick

Remove tinfoil hat from head.
Fold it up into the shape of a paper air plane. 
Send it flying off away ...


Sunday, June 01, 2014

Metro - At McArthy and Paul Anka , Ottawa

Am I bonkers or what ?
That is two cases of lighter fluid (techincially , Zip brand fire starter fluid for barbeque's) and a whole stack of charcoal.
Where is it ? It's just under the edge of the check out counter for the 8 items or less line at the Metro. A high traffic zone.

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe it's perfectly legal to store such an *EXPLOSIVE*  combination of goods in a high traffic area. But if it is ... that law needs to be changed. Because ... *BOOOM*

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Understanding Bit Coins in one simple lesson

Understanding Bit Coins in one simple lesson.

I put 20$ in the bitcoin machine. I get 17$ and change back. I can now go spend that 17$ and change.

If I'm a money launderer , who doesn't want the police tracking my transactions just by reading off the serial numbers on the bills , this is a pretty good exchange rate. I'm losing 15% value in exchange for anonymity. I can live with that. In fact, it's a cheaper surcharge than many other forms of money laundering.

Simple. Really.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Man wrongfully convicted of rape tells court he never gave statement to RCMP


HALIFAX - A man wrongfully convicted of raping a 14-year-old Nova Scotia girl in 1969 testified today that at the time he was charged he never gave a statement to the RCMP and did not plead guilty at a trial, even though that's what the record shows.
Those documents also say it wasn't until 2008 that his accuser admitted to the RCMP that her brother had repeatedly sexually assaulted her in the late 1960s, which led to DNA testing proving he was the father of her child.

 So in 1969 , this 14 year old girl had sex with her brother , got knocked up , and blamed it on this guy.
39 years later , when she was 52 , and the brother passed away , she finally admitted she lied and the guy was innocent.

39 years later ?
What kind of witch was this woman ? What kind of society do we live in where she's allowed to walk free after forcing a man to live h is entire life under her false accusation , a criminal record and everythign , and oh , now that you're life is over , now that you're about to retire , which doesn't care about what you did or didn't do , now that you no longer have to deal with an employer and explain "Yes , I'm a rapist" even though you're not , now that the maximum possible harm has been inflicted upon you and there is nothing but old age left , I'll clear your name. Just to twist the dagger in a bit deeper and add a little bit more to your suffering.

This kind of woman is not a victim. she needs to go to jail. she is a threat to every single man out there. A shining example that a woman can get you thrown in jail just on her word alone , no evidence at all required. And guess what , all the people that helped her ? They were men as well.

They were idiots. And they're next in line to have their lives ruined by some woman with a complete lack of scrupels , of which there is an abundance.

She's going to walk free, she's going to cry a river of false tears . She's going to claim she's a victim, raped for all the days of her life , as if he kept her in a basement and she had no chance to sneak off to the cops.  She isn't the victim. she's the criminal. Her whole flipping life she was humping her brother. She loved it , and just needed a patsy to blame the child on. She didn't give a crud about anyone but her own lusts.

She should spend the rest of her days in jail.

But she wont.

Instead , she'll serve as a shining example to every woman in canada as to what you can get away with.

And the males who helped her have inspired women everywhere to ruin their lives. Because they're idiots.